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Being the first to distribute henna brow powder into the UK and Ireland professional beauty industry in 2016 we have seen and heard it all.

Brow Magnate ™️ is a new brand and market leaders for eye brow treatments across USA, Europe, UK and Ireland having developed advanced and innovative professional brow techniques such as henna brows and hybrid brow tinting. All our products are direct from the best henna fields in India.  

We are the go-to brow brand for industry professionals looking to turn their passion for brows into a career. With an exciting range of quality products and accredited courses, you too can be a Brow Magnate ™️ certified professional.

You can introduce these amazing brow treatments to your salon menu with our expert training and high-quality products here at Brow Magnate ™️.

Brow Magnate ™️Brow Magnate ™️

Ultra high purity CE Marked Henna Brows Powder and hybrid brow tint sold direct to practitioners and trainers.

Brow Magnate™️ are market leaders for professional eye brow treatments across the UK and Ireland, being the first to introduce Henna Brows into the UK beauty industry in 2016. We are also first to market 2022 with our professional Hybrid Brow tinting products which you will love. 

With an fantastic range of certified professional products and accredited courses, you too can be a Brow Magnate™️ professional.

Brow Magnate are the leading experts in Henna Brow manufacturing which is a semi-permanent treatment that stains both the eyebrow hairs and skin.

The treatment is completely safe and can last up to 6 weeks on the brow hair and 2 weeks on the skin depending on aftercare.

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Quality tested

Quality Tested Ensuring Only the Best Brow Magnate Henna Eye Brows UK is proud to give our stamp of approval to each and every one of our products. And we mean it - all of our goods go through rigorous quality control checks during and after the manufacturing process. ​ This is to ensure their safety, endurance and ability to get the job done. If you have any questions about our process or want to speak with a service rep, please contact us today.


Long lasting colored eye brows with that tattoo effect

The Very Best in the Industry. Now you can show off beautiful, stunning, colored eyebrows with the wide choice of a long-lasting Permanent Henna. This is the end of normal tint !! Choose Your shades from a selection of as many as 8 colours.


Henna the ultimate herb for colouring.

Henna the ultimate herb for colouring. The New Way To Color Brows. Henna has been an ancient plant for coloring purposes. It is a much safer and more trustworthy option for coloring your hair in the most effective way. Know this unique plant’s origins, uses health effects and explore the color varieties in detail.


Henna Brows is lead free, ammonia free and no need for hydrogen peroxide.

Game Changer Be a Brow perfectionist with a stunning Henna Tint For Eyebrows. Here’s A New Revolutionary Eyebrow Tinting Henna that is safer to use as it does not contain any traces of lead or Ammonia. Give Your Eyebrows what they deserve.


Advanced Technology

The best henna direct from the fields of India, lasts 2-6 weeks compared to normal tint.


Full Contractual Support

Your success is our success.



Chosen the wrong brand and looking to convert? Contact us on browmagnate@gmail.com to receive your free sample. FREE SAMPLES

Let'se set a NEW standard of professional Brow Henna globally.  

We are currently looking for international distributors in the Netherlands, UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Europe, USA, and Russia.

For more information please email browmagnate@gmail.com 

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Become an Affiliate trainerBecome an Affiliate trainerBecome an Affiliate trainer
Are you an academy offering brow courses? Would you like to use the worlds leading professional training kits during your training sessions to give your students the best possible start after they qualify?

We offer exclusive discounts to our affiliate training academies so you know you are giving your students professional Brow Henna & Hybrid tint on their training day. Get in touch with our training team and we can open up an Affiliate Academy Account for your courses. 

If you are new to teaching and want to start your own academy or run your own courses we have a programme that will help you do this.

When a student wonders “where can I take a henna brows course near me?” you will be ready to book them on your course with the industry's leading brow brand. We offer various options for an affiliate academy from using our training kits to you being able to be a certified trainer for
Brow Magnate ™️


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Ultimate skin stain and retention.

Brow Magnate™️ angled tinging brush 0.6mm & 20mm

Brow Magnate™️ Large and Small angled brush. The ultimate tint brush perfect for applying henna and with precision. 10mm for ultimate application and 0.66mm for precision.

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Brow Magnate™️ Hybrid Tint

Brow Magnate™️ hybrid brow and lash tint. The UK’s first hybrid tint launching April 2022 please subscribe to our mailing. Our Brow Magnate™️ Hybrid Tint stains the skin and hair as we put our henna, sunflower, aloe vera, green tea extracts and more in our tint. It blows every tint brand in the professional beauty industry away.

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Brow Magnate™️ Exclusive

Brow Magnate™️ is a new brand and market leader for henna brow powder across the UK and Ireland. We have seen and heard it all being the first to distribute brow henna into the UK & Ireland professional beauty industry in 2016

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Brow Magnate™️ HENNA

Brow Magnate™️ Ultra high purity CE Marked 5g Henna Brow Powder sold to practitioners and trainers. The ultimate skin stain, hair growth and retention.

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Brow Magnate™️ CBD Brow Oils

CBD in Cosmetics Have Surged In Popularity In The Past Few Years! Moreover, CBD cosmetics are becoming a bigger part of people’s daily routine. Most recently, CBD has been introduced into topicals such as creams, gels and oils. Research has shown that CBD works wonders on the hair and skin.

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Brow Magnate™️

Brow Magnate™️ are market leaders for professional eye brow treatments across the UK and Ireland, being the first to introduce Henna Brows and CBD brow oils to the UK beauty industry in 2016. We are also first to market 2022 with our professional Hybrid Brow tinting products which you will love.

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Brow Magnate ™️

Your success is our success 🖤

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